MES - Manufacturing Execution System

ProNet integrates your production machines into your ERP structure.

All time knowledge about production and machine status, order status, beam
management is reached by on-line integration of the machines. Automatic
recognition of machine speed, stops and stop reasons, order completion, beam
change, machine setup and much more allows for detailed performance monitoring,
bottleneck analysis and management reports like OEE.

  • Complete integration in Karl Mayer KAMCOS 1 and 2 machines
  • Support for any brand and even mechanical machines. Support for circular knitting machines
  • Local and private servers – private data handling
  • Adjustment to and compatibility with all existing resource planning systems already installed
  • Detailed order information at the machine interfaces
  • Registration of piece, beam and order changes
  • Real time fabric simulation during development
  • Immediate reports to ERP systems at any event
  • Monitoring, statistical analysis, order and beam management reports, i.e. OEE reports
  • Analysis and reports at any time over any period of time
See related Product Sheet: ProNet.pdf