Carpet Simulation

Carpet Simulation

Simulation technology has been a long-awaited technology in carpeting sector. Carpet manufacturers want to see different weaving structures and the simulation of woven carpets and to reduce sampling period, they want to see the simulation of their designs. Especially, there is a considerable need for it in cut & loop carpets.

However, it is highly important that simulation reflects the reality as accurately as possible. You can have near-real displays via EAT Carpet Simulation and reduce preproduction sampling costs. You can minimise time and money for the sampling process.

EAT simulation technology uses a special thread library for this procedure. By adding the thread type you want to produce with, you can use it during simulation. The thread obtains a realistic image on the carpet with the help of weaving and 3D technology.

The simulations made by EAT’s Carpet Simulation software are as real as you can imagine for a computer-generated file, resembling the full technology of the loom and a photo-realistic display.

  • Visual Features of the yarn
  • Light and Shadow on the yarn
  • Light and Shadow on the total carpet surface
  • Pile length schemes of carpet
  • Perspective in 3-Dimensional Environment
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