DesignBase Carpet

DesignBase Carpet

DesignBase is a smart multiuser archive system enabling workflow of pattern data saving management (archive) developed by EAT and pattern circle. The system can administrate TIFF, BMP, JPEG and the main design formats of other textile CAD/CAM systems.

You can track the workflow of your pattern circle by starting form designing, receiving orders and all preparation phases. DesignBase helps you to arrange the workflow periods by enabling a healthy communication between the pattern circle and sales and production units thanks to immediate access to pattern information.

You can reach any design in your pattern archive or all information regarding this design via DesignBase.

Data access can be provided in different levels, categories, qualifications and different limitations for specific users or groups. Users have significant advantages in perfect operating pattern data management, intra-company communication and presentation thanks to the fact that DesignBase is customisable especially for any company and its needs.

Furthermore, you can provide easy data access for your customers and suppliers and in this way, hence reducing your workload.

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