3DWeave Comp

3DWeave Composite

For the extremely demanding area of technical fabrics 3D Weave has been developed further – especially for the technical weaving mill. 3DWeave Tech enables the user to develop and display all imaginable fabrics from simple weaves to multi-layer weave constructions. In addition, EAT has created 3DWeave Composite – a specialty software for developing Technical Textiles.

Develop Technical Fabrics – It’s easy!
The new concept of 3D Weave Composite based on the typical operation of the technical fabric designers to develop bindings or composites as cross section of warp or weft. In this process the warp and weft threads of the individual layers are drawn on squared paper and with the possibilities of 3D Weave Composite, the result can be visualized and controlled now with the 3D view.

Cross Section
The creation of the weave/composite as a cross section in weft with the possibility of individual additional information for each warp and weft thread is done in just a few working steps.

Specific Parameter
Generate a 3D View of the designed composite after defining the specific parameter like size and colour of the yarns for example for a better control.

For final production, the designed Composite as a cross section is converted into a typical up/down weaving file for the machine. In addition, a coloured BMP file can be created and exported for the control of a Stäubli Unival Jacquard Machine.

See related Product Sheet: PRODUCT-3Dweavecomp_final.pdf