Jacquard Raschel

Jacquard Raschel

Warp Knitting at its Best!

In close cooperation with KARL MAYER machinery company in Obertshausen, Germany and TEXION Software Solutions in Aachen, Germany, EAT has developed design and production tools to address all aspects of the Jacquard Raschel warp knitting sector.

The software packages are continuously updated and are therefore state-of-the-art with respect to any new development in the machinery sector at KARL MAYER.

Feel free to design anything!

The Design & Edit module in DesignScope victor Raschel allows the user to design anything that can be knitted on a KARL MAYER machine.

From initial drafting via scaling and repeating, even countours, floats, structures and yarn consumption can be controlled and analyzed from this module. Jacquard Raschel designing has never been more creative.

The whole Production process mirrored

This is a must-have in all warp knitting production facilities. Jacquard Raschel Processing defines and compiles the complete working process from editing in Scope all the way down to the inputting of control information for the Raschel knitting machine. DesignScope victor offers a choice of interlinked software modules that may be utilized in various orders or numbers.

See it all before it happens!

DesignScope victor offers the highest quality simulation for Jacquard Raschel available on the market today. EAT, in cooperation with TEXION, has chosen to use the actual machine file for Karl Mayer Knitting machines as the base of their simulation calculations. Karl Mayer machine files contain all the information necessary to control their Jacquard Raschel knitting machines. By using this actual jacquard data, the simulation module closely mirrors the highly complex process of Jacquard Raschel Knitting and its inherent fabric properties and characteristics.

There are multiple ways to handle the calculated warp-knitted fabric simulation file. It may always be displayed, analyzed and viewed on the screen at various zoom levels. The “Quick Repeat” option also increases the viewing options for this file. And finally, the calculated file is available for printing at any time.

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