3D Mapp Carpet

3D Mapp Carpet

Thanks to 3D Mapping software, you can lay out the carpet weaving images you obtained via EAT Simulation on any space, make variation work and by presenting your virtual products in a realistic way you can reduce your production costs.

3D Mapping gives you the opportunity to reduce preproduction efforts by enabling processing without harming your carpet patterns and designs. Moreover, it helps you in producing the right product and colours. 3D Mapping will allow you record or present the realistic files prepared to enable sharing them with your customers. Make presentations, realistic product catalogues, advertisement and packaging works and manage your website.

With the help of 3D Mapping, you can produce larger simulations than the original model having high DPI resolution. This option enables you to see the all product detail in your carpets just like in a real photograph!

Do not repeat the editing steps with the user-friendly 3D Mapping software. Group all items to perform on the same texture and colour. Arrange your textures according to layers. Add logos, lane lines etc. Lights and shadows are dealt with separately. The software algorithm does all of it automatically.

3D Mapping accepts .aco files to receive carpet colour libraries from Photoshop, Pantone etc. Send your pattern files you prepared via DesignScope victor straight to 3D Mapp with a single click.

For further information, you can visit www.3dmapp.com.

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