Jacquard Processing

Processing software for weaving

Jacquard Processing defines and compiles the complete working process from designs edited in Scope all the way to the control information for the Jacquard weaving machine.

  • BoxMotion to define the different selectors for the weaving process
  • Assign weaves to colour, possible in different colour modes
  • Flexible float control
  • Defining different selvedge weaves for any kind of fabric
  • Convert the jacquard files into the specific machine formats, like Stäubli JC4, JC5, JC6, JC7, Bonas, Grosse etc.
  • Saving the complete process into the EAT Running Chain, which means an optimum archiving of all information related to the design
    and allows you a fast modification at any time
See related Product Sheet: Jacquard-Processing.pdf