EAT starting Sponsorship for the House of Silk Culture

Even the Pope has formerly received paraments from here. An industrial monument today, the „House of Silk Culture“ is breathing textile history throughout.

The building (the German Name is „Haus der Seidenkultur“) from 1908 until 1992 was home to the parament weaving facility Hubert Gotzes. Paraments (the meaning of the term is: prepared for the table of God) are clerical robes and accessories in elaborate jacquard woven qualities. Unique to Europe, the industrial monument is the only hand weaving loom operation which is still at its original location. Numerous demonstrations, workshops and guided tours are offered here by the association of the same name.

Because of their shared affinity to Jacquard weaving and the location right near EATs headquarters, EAT has decided to sponsor this society which carries so much of Krefelds heritage as a silk and velvet weaving city. Future project cooperations are being conceived as well to see how heritage and modernism may go hand in hand in the textile industry.

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