Important Update – After the fraud email mentioned below, we are now facing the next one. The text is similar but this time the email is signed by Richad Nazari which makes it even more difficult to recognize it as scam. We would therefore like to remind you again of the note in bold below.

Unfortunately there have been some email fraud attempts in the last few days. The following email is not from EAT, even if it gives the impression at first glance. First of all we don’t employ a Jeremy Hush. Secondly and more important all our email addresses end on If you have received this message or a similar one or if you are unsure about the authenticity of any other email of us, please contact Mr. Richad Nazari or Mr. Erol Bekan on the email addresses you know. Thank you!

De: EAT GmbH
Date: lun, 27 sept 2021 a las 6:10
Subject: Re: Due Date Notice


Hi Partner,

We’re currently reviewing the company’s outstanding balances, therefore
re-concern with us as your records show.

(1) Do send us a list of the open invoices and outstanding payments
according to what your records show.
(2) Hold off with any due payment on our old bank account, to avoid
credit errors due to the ongoing audit as we need to send updated bank
details for remittance.
(3)We propose a 5% discount if payment can be settled today on our new

We apologize for any inconvenience at this time and thank you in advance
for your cooperation and understanding.

If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact
me for further assistance.

NB: With the daily increase in the spread of COVID-19, we urge you to be
safe and keep safe all time.

Thank you for compliance, best regards,

Head of Accounting
Jeremy Hush
EATGmbH “The DesignScope Company”
Jungfernweg 40
47799 Krefeld

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