Support your Locals!

For the second year in a row, the city of Krefeld, Germany (our location) has published a Music Recording on Vinyl and CD for sale to the people of Krefeld. As a curator, Artist, Photographer and Musician Philip Lethen ( this time has sampled Music from the past 100 years to give an exciting overview on Krefeld’s vivid music history.

As a record cover, Lethen chose to be textile – to resemble the silk and velvet past of Krefeld. He was seeking support as it was not possible to actually weave his design or – even less possible – make a textile record or CD cover at given budget.

EAT was able to help: Roman Lepka offered to simulate the design and Michael Lenz of EAT put it into reality – creating a print ready file from a woven simulation – made by EAT.

So happy we could support this local music project – Philip Lethen was so kind to even mention EAT on the record cover.

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