myWeave – Now for free on the App Store

The Art of Fabric Showtime – EAT GmbH
Create your own weaves with ´myWeave´. If it is a Plain-, Satin- or Twill weave, no problem. A small editor will help you to realize your weave, even if it is a fantasy weave. And afterwards? Take a look on your weave with the 3 dimensional view of ´myWeave´.

Use the typical touch reaction of your iPhone or iPad for turning, rotating, flipping your weave in space. And, if you are satisfied with your result, send it to somebody by email or save the weave as a BMP file for using it somewhere else.
Become your own weave specialist with ´myWeave´. Whenever you have time make your weaves visible. Use ´myWeave´ for a better understanding of weaves.
Have fun.


• Weave size 32*32 on iPAD, 16*16 on iPhone.
• Buttons for creating a Satin weave or a Twill weave easily
• Slider for separate the layer, if you create a double layer weave.
• 3 dimensional turning, rotating, flipping of the weave with the typical touch reaction of your iPhone or iPAD.
• Sending an email of your result by holding the finger on the 3 dimensional view.

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