LoomNet victor

LoomNet victor

Network your Mill!

LoomNet victor is a Server Software-System created by EAT. It serves the transfer of JC files to Stäubli and Bonas controllers.

The size of the database is dependent on the hard disk capacity and the Windows operating and file systems. External access via Internet may be granted through VPN (Virtual Private Network). LoomNet victor is based on MySQL and in the Frontend – in comparison to other systems available – is web-based. All current Windows Server and Operating System Technologies are supported by EAT and are required for running LoomNet victor.

LoomNet victor Highlights

• Minimum access times
• Individual configuration by the user
• Access can be granted on different levels with different restrictions for single users or user groups.
• The system will combine JC files and the respective loom setups immediately upon input and before transfer.


• LoomNet individual JC-Controller dialog
• LoomNet horizontal name weaving for labeling the woven orders
• LoomNet eMail messaging
• LoomNet interfacing for PPS/ERP systems
• LoomNet statistics for evaluation of controller-registered machine downtimes

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