DesignBase Victor

DesignBase victor

The whole World of Textile Data Administration

EAT provides several tools for the creative and technical use of stored design or production data. This can be design files that need to be retrieved from storage servers in order to use for new developments.

DesignBase victor is an Image/Archive Multiuser Database Software System made by EAT. The system – in addition to the EAT format – is able to administrate the standard formats TIFF, BMP, JPEG and the main design formats of other textile CAD/CAM systems.

Data access can be granted on different levels and with different restrictions for specific users or groups. The system may also be configured individually by the single user.

The size of the database is dependent on the hard disk capacity and your Windows operating or file system. External access can be run via VPN (Virtual Private Network). DesignBase victor is based on MySQL and – in comparison with competitors’ products – is web-based. All current Windows Server and Operating System Technologies are supported by EAT and are necessary for proper functioning.

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